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Inspiring Talks on ADHD

Since entering earth’s atmosphere more than 21,500 days ago, I have been living with the extraordinary dynamics of ADHD.  After years of struggling to accept and manage ADHD, my perspective has shifted to a place in which I fully embrace it and welcome opportunities to shed light on its awesome wonder through speaking engagements and on social media.

“Over the years of being on the board of the Raleigh chapter for ICF, I have seen some incredible speakers present. As of today, Dan Galloway RAISED THAT BAR. He was entertaining, knowledgeable, insightful, authentic, fun, and most importantly, credible. Dan's ability to cover the causes, challenges, and benefits of ADHD all in only 90 minutes, given his own ADHD, was proof positive that when channeled properly, the creativity of someone with this diagnosis can excel at whatever they put their mind to, given the right tools and strategies, which Dan told us all about!  Thank you, Dan!”


  –  Kathleen O’Grady, PCC, CALC



1: To awaken humans to ADHD's many positive, fascinating, often unadvertised benefits. 

2: To encourage humans with ADHD (teenagers and up) to embrace the ​journey they're on. ​


3: ​To offer tools that will aid those with ADHD in building a life of fulfillment. ​​

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