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Videos - Uplifting & Humorous

Dan's unique perspectives on so many things help people to break through their paradigms into a new realm of thinking about their life and situation.” 

Sheyenne Kreamer

Dan has an amazing way of helping people discover their talents, and finding the career path that will highlight their strengths, while minimizing weaknesses.” 

Robyn Haynes Owen

Entertaining Highlights

Train Town Transformation

The Outtakes Show

Not a Guitar Player

TikTok Reels

Firing Up a Crowd of 1,700

“Dan's high energy is infectious – he has the rare ability to bring out the best in people around him. The humor he effortlessly integrates while instructing puts everyone at ease and quickly creates an amiable atmosphere. Through my interactions with Dan I have been inspired to discover a career for myself that brings me as much happiness as Dan’s career obviously does for him.” 

– Sharon Boggs